coach deeper essentials

Reshape the conversation

This module covers the essentials of coaching.


Our training has been developed and is presented by a team with deep real-world experience. Each team member has at least 25-years of experience in working cross-culturally with social impact organizations in Africa, Asia, Europe, the United States, and the Middle East.  As a result, our interactive training modules are rich with real-world examples.


In the lessons included in this module, participants will:


  • Define coaching as it relates to other professions;


  • Gain an overview of all 8 ICF core competencies;


  • Learn how to shape the flow of a coaching session from start to finish;


  • Create a safe space for the group’s learning experience;


  • Practice active listening;


  • Practice asking powerful questions that create awareness;


  • Use direct communication;


  • Support a client in designing actions with appropriate planning, goal-setting, progress, and accountability.